Shivers reaches out in appreciation for designing Clawz products for him

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  • Welcome to the world of Clawz, where we’re committed to taking your cat’s health and happiness to the next level!
  • Experience a world of benefits and perks with membership. As a member you’ll have access to live and pre-recorded tutorials on training your cat to listen to commands, go for walks with you, and even learn how to play games.
  • Plus, you’ll join a community of fellow cat lovers and owners who are just as passionate about their feline friends as you are.
  • We will create and explore various methods to help answer your specific questions as well. And, let your cat conquer every obstacle and challenge they encounter through years and years of trial and error.
  • We haven’t ironed out the details yet, but rest assured it will be as valuable as everything else Clawz has to offer.

Endlessly fun activities

  • Interactive games, activities, challenges that encourages cats’ cultivation of physical abilities, mental capabilities whilst being able share experiences with other cat lovers in the community! Seamless user friendly members area also ensures that searching for what you are looking for is easy peasy.
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  • We know what cats need – scratch, climb perch – yes? No worries – we got ya covered here too! With our wall shelfs you not only get an awesome piece of furniture but a powerful system designed purely for cats’ health & happiness.

A Happy Cat Means a Happy You!

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Unlock the Purrkz

  • We’re a community of cat lovers who believe that every cat deserves the best.
  • With our membership, you’ll have access to live and pre-recorded tutorials on how to train your cat to listen to commands, go for walks, and even play games.
  • We’ve spent years perfecting our methods to ensure that you and your cat get the most out of your training sessions.

A Launchpad for Your Feline

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Meow-jority Rules!

  • Did you know that cats need to scratch, climb, and perch in order to maintain their physical and mental well-being?
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  • Training your cat might sound crazy, but at Purrfect Pawz, we believe that every cat is capable of learning and growing.
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