A cat owner celebrates the end of litter trails with Clawz Hideaway Litter Box.

Litter and Boxes

Cat Power Litter Box

  • Pamper your precious kitty without the hassle of manual scooping!
  • Keep your household fresh and clean. Discover why The Hideaway is the purrfect solution for you.
  • Say goodbye to traditional litter boxes and hello to first fully customizable litter box.
  • The Hideaway – the world’s first litter box that’s as beautiful as it is practical.
  • With its innovative design and customizable features, The Hideaway is a game-changer for cat owners everywhere.

Customizable Design

  • Choose from natural, carbonized, tiger striped, cabaret, and walnut finishes to match your home decor.
  • The sides are covered with your choice of anti-microbial fabric in natural, ocean blue, forest green, camouflage, winter camouflage, and fuchsia camouflaged burlap.

Innovative Litter Containment

  • The Hideaway contains ALL of the litter, thanks to its innovative design.
  • Your cat enters through a dedicated passage way walking over a gravity trap, which is a lifted netted tray that collects litter in the tray as your cat walks over it.
  • They step up into the private loo chamber, which is where they can see out through the porous burlap but you can’t see in.
  • So now they have something else no other litter box has, privacy and visibility.

Easy Cleaning

  • Simply slide out the tray from the bottom once per week to clean the litter box.
  • And if you use Purrfect Potty, Clawz monthly litter subscription, odors will be completely eliminated.

Versatile Use

  • The Hideaway can be converted for use as a private Cat Home, a small pet home such as for Rabbits, Bearded Dragons, Snakes, and more.
  • Experience the freedom and functionality that The Hideaway provides. Choose The Hideaway – the litter box that runs on cat power!

Purrfect Potty

Scoop-free weekly change litter trays.

  • Purrfect Potty is a game-changer for cat owners everywhere.

Scoop-free – Odor free – Freedom

  • Purrfect Potty litter trays are 100% scoop-free. Swap trays once every five (5) or seven (7) days depending on the subscription chosen.
  • This means no more scooping and no more odors! Breathe fresh, walk fresh, be fresh.
  • The urine flows straight through the top hydrophobic litter layer, leaving that litter layer clean and dry to the touch.
  • The ultra-fine hydrophobic fibers encase poop, so once encased, odors can’t spread.
  • Choose Purrfect Potty – the litter solution for cat owners who want the best for their furry friends. Say goodbye to traditional litter boxes and hello to freedom and cleanliness!

Three-Tier Protection

  • Our proprietary three-tier cat litter works like no other. Tier one consists of 100% hydrophobic bioremediation fibers that allow urine to flow straight through to the second layer.
  • Tier two consists of a Coco Coir (coconut hair) mat blended with baking soda, where urine starts absorbing into the CocoCoir and locking odors inside the fibers.
  • Finally, tier three blends wood fibers and a pinch of powdered vinegar. The wood fibers trap any excess liquid passing through the CocoCoir, while the powdered vinegar completely neutralizes the ammonia.
  • Back to tier one, upon contact, poop is downright encased, thus containing all odors.

Gravity Trap

Stops litter tracks at the source.

  • Say goodbye to litter trails with Clawz’s Gravity Trap – the ultimate litter solution that keeps your floors clean and your cat’s paws happy.
  • Are you tired of cleaning up litter trails all over your home? Look no further than the Gravity Trap – the innovative litter mat that stops litter tracks at the source.

Gravity Does the Work

  • As your cat completes their business and steps out of the litter box, they walk onto the taught mesh-netted fabric stretched across the top of the gravity trap.
  • The fabric stretches, which causes their paws to spread out and the litter to drop through the 1/4″ circular mesh openings.
  • This ensures that all the litter falls through and is contained in the gravity trap below.

Easy Cleaning

  • Simply empty the gravity trap into the trash or outside when it’s time. No more sweeping or stepping in used litter!

Versatile Use

  • The Gravity Trap works with ALL litter boxes and litter types, making it a versatile solution that can be used in any home with cats.

Anti-Microbial Fabric

  • The Gravity Trap is designed with anti-microbial fabric that helps clean your cat’s feet before they step on the floor.
  • This ensures that your home stays clean and hygienic.

Stylish Design

  • The Gravity Trap is not just a litter mat – it’s a piece of furniture that’s designed to match your home decor.
  • Choose from a variety of finishes, including natural, carbonized, and tiger striped.