A stylish and modern CLAWZ Wall with built-in jungle gym steps for cats.

Clawz Walls

Wall-Mounted Cat Trees

Climb, Scratch, and Lounge

  • Welcome to the Clawz Walls category page, where you can find the perfect wall-mounted cat trees for your feline friends.
  • Each Clawz wall unit is uniquely designed and highly customizable to suit your cat’s needs and your home’s aesthetics.
  • All Clawz wall units are fully assembled and mount easily with two stud screws. With various customizable options available for bedding and scratcher pads, you can create the perfect space for your furry friend.

Crazy Cat

  • Shaped like a “C”, it’s for cozy and crazy cats.
  • With a sisal rope scratcher and open bedding platform, it’s perfect for cats who like to snuggle up in tight spots and enjoy a protective barrier around them while they sleep.

Lazy Cat

  • Shaped like an “L”, it’s for those laid-back kitties who love to lounge and sleep in high places.
  • It features an open bedding platform with a privacy window made of dangling sisal rope strands that your cat will love to play hide-and-seek behind.

Alley Cat

  • Shaped like an “A”, is perfect for the Garfield in your life.
  • It has a bed on top and a dumpster area to hide in underneath, giving your cat the perfect space to nap and play in a fun and interactive way.

Warrior Cat

  • Shaped like a “W”, is for those majestic kitties who want to be the king or queen of their own castle.
  • It’s the largest and most complete wall unit cat tree we offer, spanning two wall studs with two open sides for a variety of bedding and scratcher options.
  • And if your cat is feeling extra adventurous, add our Battle Rope accessory for a CrossFit-style climbing experience.

Zen Cat

  • Shaped like a “Z”, is a purr-fect paradise for your feline friends.
  • It’s like a yoga studio for cats, with a sisal rope crossing the diagonal and a cardboard scratcher pad of your choice, topped off with a comfortable Pillowz bedding option.
  • This functional scratching unit is designed to help your cat contort, scratch, and sleep in their own peaceful space.