Make snack time more than just a treat with the playful and entertaining Clawz ICON Treat Trap.


Gravity Trap

No More Litter Trails

  1. Effortlessly keep your home clean with the Gravity Trap litter system.
  2. Our innovative design uses gravity to catch all the excess litter, leaving no trace behind.
  3. Works with every litter system and is easy to clean. Pair it with our Purrfect Potty for a hygienic wonderland.

Scratchy Scratchers

Scratch That Itch

  • Give your cat the ultimate scratching experience with our Scratchy Scratchers!
  • These replaceable scratch pads come in flat cardboard, wavy cardboard, and sisal to suit every cat’s preferences. Compatible with all Clawz products, these scratchers will keep your cat happy and your furniture safe.


Sweet Dreams

  • Make nap time even cozier with our Pillowz! These replaceable beddings are universal for all Clawz product lines and come in stylish anti-microbial fabric choices of green, blue, natural, and themed.
  • Your cat will love snuggling up on their new comfy bed and you’ll love how easy it is to clean and switch out.

Icon Treat Trap

Mental Stimulation

  • Looking for a way to keep your cat entertained for hours on end?
  • Look no further than the Clawz treat trap! This innovative toy is designed to keep your cat mentally stimulated as they try to figure out how to get the hidden treats inside.
  • It’s the perfect way to keep your furry friend engaged and happy.

Pawsitively Rugged

Protect Your Rugs

  • Say goodbye to scratched up floors and hello to our Pawfectly Rugged Sisal Floor Rugs! Made from durable sisal, these rugs are tough enough to handle even the most enthusiastic scratchers.
  • And with their stylish design, they’ll look great in any room. Protect your floors and give your cat a designated scratching spot all in one!

Tabletopia Glass Tops

Transform Your Cat Condo

  • Want to add a touch of style to your home while also providing your cat with a cozy spot to rest?
  • Our Tabletopia Glass Tops are the perfect solution! These sturdy glass tops can be added to your Cat Condo or Palace to transform them into a stylish coffee table or end table.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or snack with your furry friend right by your side.