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Scratchy Scratch Pads keep your cat’s muscles toned and flexible. Provide an avenue to relieve stress besides your couch. Choose your kitties favorite texture and rest assured this will attach to any Clawz product.

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Happy Claws

Healthy Pawz

  • Scratching helps cats exercise their muscles, tendons, and joints, keeping them fit both physically and mentally.
  • By putting down a scratch pad near where they usually take naps, they will be able to stretch out when they wake.

Frustration Release

  • Scratching pads provide cats with a safe and healthy way to release pent-up energy or frustrations, preventing them from damaging household items.
  • This is especially important during times of anxiety or distress, as scratching provides an outlet for them to express themselves in a positive way.

Variety of Choices

  • Choose from classic cardboard with grooves, wavy cardboard for an extra challenge, or sisal rope for surface variation.
  • All our scratch pads come mounted on sturdy wooden plates, complete with velcro backing for easy installation.

Give the gift of happy!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 4 in
Scratchy Scratchers

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