no scoop cat litter

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    Purr-fect Potty

    From: $37.00 / month
    Ahoy kitty-lovers! Are you and your furball friend in need of some fresh litter love? Purrfect Potty to the rescue! No more smelly situations, or surrendering floors to litter trails. This is what Freedom is all about.


The best no scoop cat litter for you and your home. No odors, no trails, no scooping. Wake up happy knowing you don’t have to scoop poop.

Everything you want and your cat needs for a happy and healthy home. Improve your pet’s life today.

Best no scoop cat litter

  • Neutralizes all odors on contact with a unique blend of environmentally friendly and biodegradable fibers.
  • Keeps your home beautiful by eliminating trails and knocking out odors at their source.
  • It works because it’s not just one type of litter. It’s a blend of several traditional litter components like wood shavings and baking soda, but it’s much more.
  • This cat litter is safe, is compostable and 100% biodegradable
  • You do not have to scoop this litter. Not ever