cat furniture

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    Jazz up your kitty's everyday life with something fun and fresh! Introduce an unexpected element of style to their living area, like a tantalizingly cosy corner or purr-fect palace.


  • A stunning and functional addition to any cat lover's home: the Vertical Cat Kingdom.Select options


    Cats Rule, Humans Drool: Introducing the Cat Kingdom, where cats are the rulers and humans are their servants. Give your cat's some Purr-Sonal space. Don't settle for medio-cat furniture!


  • A modern and stylish cat condo with a glass top accessory from ClawzSelect options


    Sick of 1960's carpeted cat trees you need to replace every year? Elevate the style and function of your furry friend's empire. Add purr-sonality to your space with its versatile design and stackablity. Your cat will reign supreme.


  • The Clawz Cat Kingdom offers style AND functionality for cat owners everywhere.Select options


    Meow-ve into luxury living with Clawz paw-some Tabletopia glass tops. They amp up any room with their sleek modern look, penciled edges and tapered tops. Plus, they're bound to confound your kitty.


  • The ultimate cat fortress, The Warrior Cat boasts a comfy Pillowz bed and plenty of hiding spots for treats.Select options

    Warrior Cat

    Attention all cat servants! If you want to take your cat's castle game to the next level, then you need Warrior Cat. Are you tired of outdated carpeted towers? Does your kitty need something extra special when it comes to their playtime routine?


Cat furniture, wall shelves and steps to improve your felines health and activity while increasing the aesthetics of your home.

Everything you want and your cat needs for a happy and healthy home. Improve your pet’s life today.

Cat Furniture

  • Expends your cats energy and increases its happiness
  • Optimizes the space in your home with functional furniture that substitutes as coffee tables or end tables
  • This is the modern cat tree. They’re aesthetic, made of bamboo, have replaceable bedding and pads, and you can customize them anyway you want.
  • Let’s your cat show you its skills on its own custom playground
  • You can place them on any side. Stack them together or add glass tops to use as furniture pieces
  • It’s an aesthetic and functional take on cat furniture
  • These cat condos will get your cat moving
  • Modern cat tress for climbing, hiding, sleeping, playing
  • Make your friends jealous and your cat(s) happy and healthy
  • Provides a stimulating environment for felines
  • Taps into their natural instincts to climb and jump
  • Expends energy and increases happiness