• The ScratchFit offers cats a fun tool to scratch their claws and you an easier way to clean up after themSelect options



    Say goodbye to claw chaos and hello to ShredFit! The easy way to keep your cat fit and home tidy. Allow your cat maximum scratch-ability! Hours of feline funtastic exercise await. Get ready for pawz-some results with ScratchFit!


  • Style and function meet with ClawzSelect options

    Pawfectly Rugged

    2' x 3'
    3' x 5'
    4' Round
    Add rugged charm and class to your home with Pawfectly Rugged Sisal Rugs from Clawz. Protect your floors and give your cats a paw-some scratching surface with these durable and stylish rugs.


  • "My cat loves to scratch everything, but now she only scratches her ShredMstr!" - happy cat parentSelect options


    No more sofa sabotage! Say goodbye to shredded curtains and hello to the the ShredMstr! Scratch your cat's itch for destruction! This scratcher is more than just a piece of cardboard, it's a cat's dream come true.


Adding Aesthetic Appeal!

Keep Your Feline Friend Fit

Welcome to Clawz Cat Scratchers – the ultimate destination for modern cat furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • From wall-mounted trees to replaceable pads, our selection of cat scratchers is designed to keep your feline friend happy and healthy, while adding aesthetic appeal to your home decor.
  • With our modern cat furniture, you can provide a stimulating environment for your cat while tapping into their natural instincts to scratch and tear.
  • Plus, our scratchers are designed to expend energy and increase happiness – the perfect way to keep your feline friend active and healthy!