Litter Boxes

  • High-end design meets ultimate functionality with The Hideaway Litter Box.Select options

    The Hideaway

    The litter box that runs on cat power! Pamper your precious kitty without the hassle of manual scooping! Keep you household fresh and clean. It's purrfectly obvious why this is pawsitively the best answer for you and kitty!


  • The Curse of the Kitty Litter Trails: A Cat Owner's Epic Adventure. For our brave cat owner hero, the litter trail curse is more than just an annoyance - it's a never-ending battle. But they're not giving up without a fight. Join them on a hilarious quest to find the perfect litter box and litter solution with Clawz's Hideaway Litter box and Purr-fect Potty cat litter. Will they find the solution they seek? Only time will tell!Select options

    Gravity Trap

    Let gravity do the work. The effortlessly to keep your home clean. Your floors will thank you. No more trails. Works with all litter boxes. Though if you want purr-fection then get The Hideaway with Perfect Potty litter and you'll never scoop poop again too.


The Hideaway Litter Box –

For a Cleaner, Fresher Home!

No More Odors, No More Trails, and No More Scooping – Wake Up Happy!

Hey there cat lovers! Tired of having a bulky and unattractive litter box take up valuable space in your home? Want a litter box that blends seamlessly into your decor and gives you peace of mind?

  • Look no further than The Hideaway Litter Box – the ultimate solution for a cleaner and more discreet home.
  • With no odors, no trails, and no scooping, you and your feline friend can enjoy a happier, healthier, and more stylish life!

The Litter Box You Never Knew You Needed!

Say Goodbye to Bulky and Unattractive Litter Boxes and Hello to a Discreet and Stylish Solution.

  • The Hideaway Litter Box is designed to blend seamlessly into your decor, making it the litter box you never knew you needed.
  • With its invisible design, you’ll forget it’s even there, giving you peace of mind and a more stylish home.

No More Trails

Eliminates Trails and Odors at the Source.