The Story of Clawz
Cat Furniture

Our origin story dates back to 2010, when one stray cat, shivering during Chicago’s Snowmageddon and meowing outside his window helped a man find his home in this world.

Although never a “cat guy,” when he woke up in the morning with “Shivers” sleeping on his chest, he fell in love instantly.

He quickly realized the incredible joy they bring and became absolutely fascinated with watching Shivers in nature.

Over the years, Dominic purchased every cat toy on the market it seemed, and noticed none of them really provide the environment a cat seeks out.

Cats hide to pounce he noticed and objects that barely move will lock their attention for hours.

When COVID lockdown hit, and Dominic was working from home, he really got to understand a cat’s frustration being locked inside its whole life.

So, being stuck inside, Dominic set out to design the perfect indoor habitat for Shivers. Countless versions later, Clawz was born.

Clawz products will foster happiness among pets and people through love and design.

As we expand our storefronts will also be rescue and adoption centers and we will support our local communities as best we can.

Our Story - Shivers the Cat