The Clawz Story Started With One Stray Cat

During a snowstorm, our founder Dominic heard relentless meowing outside his window, and discovered a shivering stray cat crying out for help. While Dominic was not a “cat person” at the time, the stray cat managed to pull at his heartstrings, and he couldn’t bear to let the cat continue to suffer. After bringing the cat inside, both of their worlds instantly changed for the better.

He named the cat Shivers. Shivers never left Dominic’s home after that cold and snowy night. Dominic was down and out in those days, and his new feline roommate brought a new sense of joy to his life. Dominic raised Shivers like a dog, teaching him commands and taking him on walks.

The bond between them grew, and Dominic wanted to give Shivers the best life possible. After trying countless store-bought products, none of them met his pet’s feline instincts. Dominic was thus inspired to build and customize a place for Shivers to play and explore. After much trial and error, the first Clawz product was created: A modern, aesthetically pleasing piece of cat furniture for Shivers to enjoy his very own home/gym/yoga studio space.

To this day, Shivers enjoys his Clawz Cat Condo in Dominic’s home, oblivious to the fact that his persistent cries for help on a winter’s night led to the creation of a new company. As the founder of Clawz, Dominic’s mission is to make his products available for cats and owners all over the world.

Our Story - Shivers the Cat