Cat Condo - Natural

Cat Condo - Vertical

Cat Condo - with End-Table Glass

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Cat Palace - No Glass

Cat Palace - Vertical

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Cat Kingdom - Vertical

Cat Kingdom

Cat Kingdom - Horizontal

Designed For Cats. Loved by Humans.

Welcome to the Clawz exclusive pre-order program. Be among the first to experience the next level of design in modern furniture; enjoyed by pets and loved by people… Our innovative cat furniture blends into your life with style, engages your pets natural instincts and provides you both with endless entertainment.

Cat Condo

The Cat Condo is a stylish retreat ideal for energetic, nimble, and inquisitive cats under 15 lbs. Internal chambers come with magnetically replaceable scratch pads and are designed to accommodate a wide variety of highly creative toy accessories that will stimulate your pets like nothing else. The Condo also has shelves that make your pet work for their treats.

The Cat Condo makes for an excellent End-Table, Ottoman, or a fantastic hideaway for cats who like secure areas, with multiple exits and views of the entire room. It is also the ideal expansion unit since you can easily connect it to other units to create unique playgrounds tailored to your home and your cats desires.

The Cat Condo measures 28″ L x 16.5″ W x 16.5″ D and can be placed on any side. The End-Table package comes with a 20″ square, 3/8″ thick piece of tempered glass finished with smoothed edges.

Cat Palace

Cat Palace

The Cat Palace is a beautiful home for all cats, those with multiple cats, cats with mobility or weight issues, or for those who plan on building a Kingdom for their loved ones. The Palace is uniquely styled and contains large internal chambers suitable for any size pet and ready to accept some of our more challenging accessories. Like the Condo it can be placed on any side and functions well as both an End-Table and a Coffee Table.

The Cat Palace will be the conversation piece of your room as your loved one(s) run in and out of it, chase toys, play games, and interact with you through the large windows. Set up as a coffee table you can play with your cat in entertaining ways while lounging in your favorite position.

The Cat Palace measures 28″ L x 24″ W x 16.5″ D and weighs about 35 lbs.

Fostered Happiness

We upgraded the pet-friendly furniture experience with more love and better design. Clawz products are engineered to foster happiness in pets and people. Discover the difference for yourself.

Stylish Integration

The sleek modern pieces fit in your home like a luxury end table. Cats enjoy playing, hiding, retreating to their own space. While you can enjoy having it in your home.

Compounding Value

Enjoy investing in your home with your cat in mind. All products and accessories from Clawz integrate with one another for compounding value. More pieces = more design combinations, more value and more fun.

Who Wins Palace Vertical Cat Kingdom Lips a Lickin Can't get me

Unrivaled attention to design and function

The Clawz design team spent countless hours capturing every detail you and your cat care about. From sleek modern aesthetics, to functional scratch pads you can swap and replace with ease. We’ve thought of it all. After hundreds of design variations; we finally landed on the ideal balance of function and aesthetics.

  • No assembly required. Just place your unit any where and any way you like, toss on the magnetic accessories, and begin to feel the joy of seeing your loved ones living life the way they were meant to.
  • Magnetically backed accessories make swapping out walls with new scratch pads, toys, or even hanging potted plants instantaneously effortless.
  • By itself, with a glass top, mounted accessories, or connected together, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture that you and your cats will love.

Designed for style and play... Functional modern furniture loved by people and pets


Enjoyable, engaging excitement for you
and your cat


Endless options and rearrangements for continued interest


Comforting security spaces to hide
and keep watch

Shivers Lips a Lickin Playing Outdoros Outdoor Peek Outdoor Bush Time to Hunt Passed Out

Everything your cat wants and needs to stay happy.

We understand the instinctual needs our feline family members want in their life. Most house cats spend the entirety of their lives indoors staring out windows fantasizing about chasing a squirrel, catching a mouse, or just being a cat. They need sensory stimulation, they need to scout, hide, and hunt, they need to catch prey (even if it’s a bird on a wand), they need to explore new things, navigate new environments, and develop their natural talents or their lives will lack fulfillment. The Clawz line of products were designed from a cat’s perspective first and with the intent of providing them with a more fulfilling life. But we didn’t stop there, we also took into consideration your needs and ensured that the style and quality of the product would fit smoothly in your favorite rooms regardless of their style.

Sturdy & Stable Design

Strong enough to support over 200 lbs, yet weighing in at only 35 lbs. Clawz Cat products hold stable and strong. Stack units, add cats, turn it on its side, or enhance your space with pet furniture that will improve throughout the entire lifespan of your loved ones.

Sturdy and Stable Design

Multi-functional Furniture

Your loved ones will use the furniture as a playground, training zone, and retreat area. Used with them over-time, you’ll get to see an entirely different side of your cat: one where their joy radiates.

Safe & Sustainable

Enjoy your Cat Condo knowing it is safe to use in your home. Rest assured Clawz products are engineered for environmental sustainability to make the world a better place. And to last a lifetime in your home.

Safe and Sustainable

3 Stylish Patterns

Natural-Carbonized-Natural Finish


Carbonized-Natural-Carbonized Finish


Tiger Finish


The Future of Clawz

Here’s a sneak peek of what else is coming to Clawz. All future accessories will be compatible with your existing Clawz products purchased today.

Cat Palace Cat Kingdom - Horizontal Paw Pillow Yoga Mice

The Bridge

Test your cat’s balancing skills; like they are walking on a fence top.

The Waterfall

Functional decor that provides fresh water for drinking, growing grass, and a zen-like ambience for your cat to sleep soundly at.

Hanging Gardens

Grow decorative, yet edible, grasses right from your cat’s new home with the hanging gardens.

Motion and Activity Accessories

Endless engagement while you are away.

Bedding Material

Comfortable accessories to make their cat house a home.

Our Mission: To Foster Pet Happiness with Love & Design

We are relentlessly pursuing a bold mission to help amplify the happiness of cats and people around the world. Since we understand how powerful adopting a cat/kitten can be, we are creating an opportunity for others to do the same.

Clawz supports the rescue, shelter, and adoption of stray cats with the intention of them finding a happy home.


Our Mission

The Story:

How 1 stray cat helped a man find his home in this world.

Shivers Lips a Lickin

Shivers the cat was cold, lost, and lonely in Chicago. The kitten was rescued by Dominic – and he was quickly converted to a cat lover. Dominic immediately realized the problem with existing cat trees and pet furniture products. They were often ugly, boring, or both.

Feeling a bit lost himself; Dominic was set on a new mission in life. To develop the most stylish and functional furniture piece possible for Shivers. Months later, the Clawz brand was born and our first products were designed.

We’ve invested hundreds of hours focusing on functional designs with deep empathy and understanding of your life as a cat owner. We understand. They need a place to play, retreat, relax, hunt, and stay engaged. Otherwise, your living space becomes a free-for-all of negative cat behaviors. (Scratching, anxiety, obesity)

Let’s face it, your cat needs a home too. The Clawz cat condo is ideal to integrate with YOUR life while giving your cat a space of its own. Enjoy brilliant-looking sleek designs inspired by modern architecture of urban cities. Try Clawz premium pet furniture today.

Designed for compounding value

Enjoy investing in your home while incorporating a unique home for your pet as well. All products and accessories from Clawz integrate with one another for compounding value. More modules = more design combinations and more value.

The durable bamboo-based design is a piece of modern furniture you can keep upgrading and enhancing. The base module remains stable and durable over time, and is easy to maintain through a simple annual application of bamboo surface wax. Magnetic connectors make adding, cleaning, and swapping accessories quick and easy. With no setup required you can acquaint your pets to their new home right away. And with endless combinations you and your pet will never get tired of having Clawz products around.

Spend wise, invest in your future together with Clawz’ bespoke human/pet-furniture. Hand Made in the U.S.A.


Pre-order today, through February 28, 2021 for an early April delivery and receive a 30% discount off the retail purchase price, plus you will receive a free “Multi-Function” Laser pointer and a Clawz ICON Treat trap toy.