Clawz – The Modern Cat Furniture Company

Stimulate your feline(s) to explore, play, prowl, or nestle up in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Comfortable and secure, your cat can nap, do Yoga, and pounce on you with love, from their own home.

Scratch pads, bedding, and accessories are replaceable with various colors, styles, and fabrics.

Sustainable Bamboo plywood is easy to maintain, striking in appearance, and impressively durable.

Experience a new level of joy while watching and playing with your happy loved one(s) in new ways.

Cat Condo

Cat Palace

Cat Kingdom

Designed For Cats. Loved By Humans.

  • Unlike cat trees of the past, our cat condos are aesthetically pleasing
  • Our cat tree solutions blend in with your home’s decor
  • Clawz cat trees are so amazing they end up as conversation pieces!
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Why Feline Pets Love Clawz Cat Trees

  • Diverse openings create a variety of obstacles to meet your feline’s instinctual need to hunt, prowl, and scout
  • Our cat homes stimulate cats to move and explore as they would outdoors, leading to more interaction with you
  • Cats stay engaged with numerous obstacles that can be rotated so they don’t get bored

Clawz Cat Condos Help Keep Your Pet Healthy

  • Cats stuck inside all day don’t get enough exercise
  • A Clawz Cat Condo is designed to keep your cats moving
  • Cats who exercise more are less likely to gain weight, leading to longer and healthier lives
Who Wins Palace Vertical Cat Kingdom Lips a Lickin Can't get me

The Ultimate Cat Furniture Designed For Modern Form And Function

We combined our love of cats and modern design to create the ideal balance of form and function for a new take on cat trees. After testing dozens of design variations, we arrived upon the perfect combination, and the sleek Clawz Cat Condo was born. We thought of everything during this process!

  • Modern lifestyles don’t lend themselves to the labor of constructing cat furniture. So, we created a product that requires no assembly! Simply set your Clawz Cat Condo anywhere you want. Then attach easy-to-add magnetic accessories… and prepare to watch your cat live its best life!
  • Magnetic-backed accessories make it easy to instantly swap out walls with new scratch pads, toys, or even hanging plants.
  • Clawz Cat Condos look great by themselves or with our functional glass tops. Mount accessories or connect several units together for a beautiful piece of furniture your cats will love.
  • Not only will they stimulate young health and active cats, but they will also help your aging, less agile, or injured kitties play more as well. Unlike a Cat Tree which requires jumping, Clawz products allow your cat to climb its way to the top.
  • Built to last a lifetime with sustainable Bamboo right here in the USA. This is pet furniture you’ll be proud to own, can be tailored to enhance your homes décor and match your pets personality.

Cat Condo


The Cat Condo is a stylish retreat ideal for energetic, nimble, and inquisitive cats under 15 lbs. Complete with internal chambers that include magnetically replaceable scratch pads, the Condo allows a wide variety of interchangeable cat toy accessories to provide optimal stimulation.

The Condo helps your cat stretch in ways they never have before. It’s like a Yoga Zone for your cat. You’ll find your cat contorting its body to stretch through openings and seek out treats. If they love chasing lasers, you’ll get them to run up, down, around, and through like excited little kids. You’re all but guaranteed to see a new level of joy in your pets eyes.

The Cat Condo doubles as an ideal end-table or ottoman for humans, while offering a fantastic hideaway with multiple exit options for your cat. The Cat Condo is also perfect as an extension unit, enabling you to connect to other Clawz products to create the ultimate cat playground!

The Cat Condo measures 28”L x 16.5”W x 16.5”D and weighs approximately 35lbs. It can be placed on any side for maximum flexibility within your home. It comes with two replaceable Deer Hide scratch pads, a suede pillow, a rabbit skin that doubles as a nap pad or window play cover, and a laser pen. Add the optional end-table package which includes a 20” square, ⅜” thick piece of tempered, smooth-edged glass, adding even more distinction to your unique piece of furniture.

We have a full line of accessories coming in 2022. Including, Clawz ICON toy, chirping toys, potted plants, and rope bridges. You will be able to swap out scratch pads with various colors and materials as well. Additionally, our products allow you to repurpose your existing cat toys by adding a refrigerator magnet and elastic string to an unused toy you can place it in/on the unit to bring it new life.

Cat Palace


The Cat Palace is a beautiful home for all cats. Styled for your cat queen or king of any size, and The Cat Palace is an ideal playground for your feline pets to enjoy challenging accessories and to explore its large internal chambers. Like our Cat Condo, the Cat Palace can be placed on any side to function as a stylish end or coffee table.

The Palace is great for multiple cats, larger cats, and wild cats who love to sprint. Lure them through with a laser and be ready for some good laughs as your cats’ sprint toward the unit then get turned around and wonder where the light went. Wave the wand in front of an opening while reaching in through another opening to startle them. You will find all kinds of new and entertaining ways to play with your pets and the best part is that the units will be right there, not hiding in the corner or basement.

Like the Condo, the Cat Palace is sure to be a conversation piece in your home as your beloved pets playfully dart in and out while chasing toys. Your guests will be delighted to watch and interact with your cats through its large windows. Enjoy the perfect combination of using your Cat Palace as a coffee table, while enjoying playtime with your feline companions.

The Cat Palace measures 28”L x 24”W x 16.5”D and weighs approximately 40 lbs.

Cat Kingdom


When your cat rules the empire, help them build a kingdom on your terms. Enhance your home’s aesthetics while creating a unique territory for your pet to scout. Your beloved cat will rule their own empire like an Egyptian god!

The options are endless with the Cat Kingdom. The Cat Kingdom includes two units for vast configuration options that can be altered and connected however you choose… and will make your cat feel like its territory is ever-expanding over time. For particularly nimble cats, the rope bridge (coming soon) can connect two units and provide a playful obstacle for even more cat entertainment!

Fostered Happiness

We upgraded the pet-friendly furniture experience with more love and better design. Clawz products are engineered to foster happiness in pets and people. Discover the difference for yourself.

Stylish Integration

The sleek modern pieces fit in your home like quality furniture. Cats enjoy playing, hiding, and retreating in their own space. You’ll enjoy having a conversation piece in your home.

Compounding Value

Enjoy investing in your home with your cat in mind. All products and accessories from Clawz integrate with one another for compounding value. More pieces = more value and more fun.

Designed for Style and Play...


Enjoyable, engaging excitement for you and your cat


Endless options and rearrangements for continued interest


Comforting security spaces to hide and keep watch

Shivers Lips a Lickin
Playing Outdoros
Outdoor Peek
Outdoor Bush
Time to Hunt
Passed Out

Everything your cat wants and needs to stay happy.

We studied felines for years to better understand their needs and designed our products to satisfy them. Your cat won’t have to stare out a window fantasizing about chasing a squirrel, catching a mouse, or being a cat anymore. Our coming line of pet products will amaze you and your cat. With customizable and replaceable accessories, your cat will be hunting for treats instead of devouring them. Invest in a Clawz product today to fulfill your cat’s life the way you fulfill your own.

Sturdy & Stable Design

  • Supports over 200 lbs., yet weighs only 35 lbs.
  • Place it on any side for a stable & new experience

Multi-function Cat Towers

  • Cats love exploring, playing, and retreating in them
  • You’ll love it as a conversational and fun coffee/end table

Safe & Sustainable

  • 100% pet safe materials
  • Products made of sustainable bamboo, jute, sisal, and wool
sturdy-and-stable multi-functional safe-sustainable

The Future of Clawz

Coming Soon – a wide-range of fully compatible, customizable,
engaging, and swappable, magnetic accessories.

Cool Timeline

April 6

The Bridge

Challenge balance with a wobbly bridge.
April 6

The Waterfall

Zen like ambiance with fresh drinking water.
April 6

Hanging Gardens

Potted plants provide fresh edible grasses.
April 6


Endless engagement while you are away.
April 6

Bedding Material

Comfortable accessories to make their cat house a home.
April 6

Clawz Rescue Center

— Coming Soon —

The Story:

How one stray cat helped a man find his home in this world.

Shivers Lips a Lickin

Caught in a snowstorm, Shivers was freezing and relentlessly meowing for help outside Dominic’s window. Initially not a cat person, and not wanting the poor feline to suffer, Dominic let him in. He woke up with Shivers lying on his chest staring into his eyes with love and realized Shivers was there to stay.

The joy Shivers brought to a down and out Dominic was impossible to ignore. He raised Shivers as a dog, who quickly learned to go for walks and respond to commands. As the bond between them grew, Dominic set out to ensure Shivers would get to live a very fulfilling life.

After experimenting with countless retail products, all of which failed to satisfy even the most basic feline instincts, Clawz, the modern cat furniture company, was born. Now your cat can have a home/gym/yoga studio all to his own, while contained within aesthetic contemporary furniture that fits your home.

Clawz Products Are Designed To Last A Lifetime And Provide Compounding Value

  • Your Clawz product will enhance the beauty of your home, while providing your pet with his own unique playground
  • All products and accessories from Clawz are modular, providing flexibility and allowing for future growth
  • Clawz cat furniture is made from attractive, durable, and sustainable bamboo, providing sturdiness, while also being lightweight and easily movable
  • Place a Clawz cat structure anywhere you like to enhance your home and entertain your pets
  • Clawz products are handmade in the USA

Our Mission: To Foster Pet Happiness With Love And Design

Through our innovative new products that stimulate feline minds, we strive to be the best modern cat furniture company by enhancing the lives of furry family members everywhere.

Our future retail storefronts will also serve as rescue centers. Rescued cats will be able to roam freely in on-site coffee bars and interact with customers and potential adopters. Promoting this interaction in a relaxed social environment is the ideal way for potential owners to play with an adoptable rescue over a cup of coffee and the joy of being with cats!


Our Mission