Furniture For You.

Playground For Your Cat(s).

While traditional cat furniture is a spot for naps, ours is made for play. Our modular design can be rearranged infinitely. Top it with our tempered glass surfaces to transform it to a table.

A percentage of each sale goes to finding homes for stray cats.

Two styles to entice your feline.



Strong Magnetic Attachment

Strong magnets connect our many accessories to the playgrounds many attachment points, allowing you to rearrange your playground design whenever you like. Our magnetic accessories are also great for placing on refrigerator or any other metal surface around the house

Infinitely Modular, Expandable and Customizable.

Clawz in the wild.

Clawz cat trees

These are FUN. My cat enjoys the time he spends sleeping in it, exploring it, and jumping and resting on top of it by the window enjoying the sun light.

cat condo

My cat gets all contorted in the Condo. It’s hysterical watching her stretch through the openings. We Love it!

cat trees

My cat loves hiding in the Palace and swatting at my feet when we watch TV. The Kingdom has brought us lots of laughs. Great product.

cat condo

I’ve got 5 cats that are enjoying it! I also was able to get the glass tops for it so it looks like a nice piece of furniture–with cats inside! Looking forward to receiving the end table!

cat tree

We have received it and it’s gorgeous. Thank you for all the nice extra toys and pillow! It is a stunning piece and we love the tiger stripe bamboo. My husband absolutely loves it.


Made Sustainably in Colorado.

Cat furniture constructed right here under the Rocky Mountains using ethically-sourced bamboo.

Ships Fully Assembled.

No ten page assembly guides, YouTube videos, or tools required. Unpack and enjoy.