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Welcome to Clawz, where we believe that every cat deserves an adventure. Make your cat’s life more exciting and enjoyable today! Revolutionize the way you think about cat products!

Bonding – Decreased Stress – Improved Behavior – Mental Stimulation – Physical Health

Age & Injury Mean Nothing

Despite suffering from complete cartilage deterioration in his lower spine, Shivers managed to stay active in his senior years, thanks to the products he designed. In the video, he can be seen making his way down a Clawz Wall in search of treats.

Freedom – Just 10 Minutes Per Week

Revamp your life. Our customizable litter system products are designed to free up your days, keep your floors clean, and freshen up your air. No more inferior, messy, litter products. Just 10 minutes per week!

  • Nobody wants a dirty outhouse, especially not your cat. But then again, neither do you, because those dirty cat messes then march through your home.
  • That’s why we’ve created the Hideaway, a revolutionary new litter box that’s clean and safe for your cat’s business.
  • With the Hideaway, you can say goodbye to dirty cat messes in your house and give yourself a beautifully clean home.

Where Your Cat’s Wildest Dreams Come True

  • Cats are the most athletic mammals in the world, but many cats are locked up in our houses, eating junk food, and lying around all day.
  • That’s why we’ve created a range of fitness training products to help your cat be the athlete it was born to be.
  • From wall-mounted jungle gyms to gymnastics equipments, we’ve got everything your cat needs to jump, climb, and explore to its heart’s content.
  • With our products, you can engage your cat’s muscles and activate its senses, helping it to develop its natural talents and stay healthy and happy.

The Purr-fect Adventure

Enrich your cat’s life with exciting adventures using Clawz’s uniquely designed, high-quality products. From playgrounds to zen heaven, our products are sure to bring out the adventurous side in your feline friend.

Rejuvenate your cat, your home, and your life!

Don’t Miss Out on Purr-fect Deals!

Be the first to know about seasonal discounts, exclusive specials, and new product launches. Keep your kitty happy and your wallet full with our paw-some deals. Get ready to pounce on the best deals Clawz has to offer!

Shivers and Dominic Monahan striking a pose
“Who says cats don’t make good accessories?” – Dominic Monahan

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